Event Photography

RitzyPics offers high volume photography for events that may require multiple photography products at the same event. We employ a team of photographers to deliver the best event photography for any sized event, especially large ones. No matter the size of the event we can capture the photos you and your attendees will enjoy for years to come.

We provide images for events such as community, corporate, social events, business networking, political, career fairs, tradeshows, black tie affairs, military balls, holiday events, red carpet events, and more. Our options can be used to keep your event as simple or as elegant as you desire.

Smaller (less than 300 attendees) events should GET A QUOTE and describe the event in detail.

All event photography services include:

  • Unlimited images for all event attendees.
  • All inclusive pricing.
  • Unlimited access, downloading, and sharing of high-resolution image files.
  • Access cards.
  • Option to print from our site or print file where desired.
  • Images ready within 48 hours.

Candid Event Photography:

  • Roaming photographer. Low light image capture available.
  • Unlimited images.
  • Photos ready the next day.
  • Access cards provided upon request.

Candid Photography Pricing (Two Hour Minimum):

  • $375 per hour.

Career/ Business Event Headshots:

  • Great for career expos, training events, chamber of commerce meetings, and more.
  • Two images per person.
  • Unlimited images.
  • Access cards provided upon request.

Career/ Business Event Headshots Pricing (Two Hour Minimum):

  • Starting at $550 per hour.

Photo Booth (Open Air) with props.

Open air photo booths (8′ x 8′ or larger) allow for more people in the image, larger props, adjustment to different heights, properly cropped photos, full length images, and faster image capture which leads to more images per event.

  • Skilled photographer. Not machine operated.
  • White, solid colors, patterns, themed, holiday, and custom backdrops available.
  • Great for holiday events, weddings, reunions, corporate events, and more.
  • Unlimited images.
  • Hundreds of images delivered (based on event attendee size and usage rate).

Photo Booth Photography Pricing (1/2 time Props Included) (Two Hour Minimum):

  • Color/ Pattern/ Themed: $675 per hour.
  • White: $875 per hour
  • Customized Logo Backdrop: Call for pricing.

Backdrop (Portrait) Photography:

  • Great for corporate, social, tradeshows, and holiday events.
  • Multiple backdrop/ color pattern options.
  • Unlimited or specific number of images per person.
  • Hundreds of images delivered (based on event attendee size and usage rate).
  • 5′ – 10′ backdrops available most options without flooring.
  • Custom (logo) backdrops available.
  • Full length and cropped images.

Backdrop Only (Portrait) Photography Pricing (Two Hour Minimum):

  • Color/Pattern: $675 per hour.
  • Customized Logo Backdrop: Call for pricing.

Wedding (Simplified) Photography:

  • Simplified photography for smaller wedding events that are less than 3 hours and less than 75 people attending.
  • One photographer. One location.
  • Natural light and/ or available light styled photography. No flash or additional lighting equipment used.
  • General posing of bride, groom, bridal party, and families. No specialized posing.
  • Candid images of guests.
  • Pre ceremony, ceremony, and post ceremony images.
  • Unlimited access, downloading, and sharing of image files. Ready in 48 hours.

Wedding (Simplified) Photography Pricing (Two Hour Minimum):

  • $425 per hour. Excluding travel, parking, and any additional costs, if applicable.

Use this link to get a quote for your event: GET A QUOTE